Beautiful and Uplifting Classroom Moments through Character Strength Spotting.

Beautiful and Uplifting Classroom Moments through Character
Strength Spotting.
We have been continuing our module on Character Strengths
over the last couple of weeks, and it has led to some really beautiful and
uplifting moments, both for me and the kids. We have learned about the meaning
of all of the Character Strengths, so now we are looking in detail at 6 per
week. We are being Strengths Detectives – looking and observing closely to see
if we can spot these character strengths being displayed in practical ways each
I decided to use sticky notes to let the kids record and
display the strengths they notice. Each morning, every kid gets a sticky note (they
can take more during the day if they need to). If they spot someone displaying
one of our strengths of the week, they write down the name of the person, the
strength and how it was displayed. They then place it in a box at the top of
the classroom, and I read them out at various intervals during the day.Then we display them on our Strength Spotting display chart.
I’ve been amazed at the effect of this simple activity – the
kids really love it and it’s provided a great boost to the classroom
atmosphere. It’s so beautiful to see the kids’ reactions when they find out
that they’ve been ‘Strength- Spotted’. When I asked them how they felt, they
said happy, proud and amazed. They also feel a sense of pride and achievement
when they spot each other’s strengths and see the impact it has.
I have been amazed at how perceptive and insightful the kids
are at this activity- it’s so uplifting to see how keen they are to boost and
recognise each other’s strengths. Some examples this week which I found
particularly inspiring were - a kid being spotted displaying optimism, because
even though he was disappointed with his maths drill result, he said it was
still a great day. A kid with emotional regulation issues spotted displaying
self-control - he didn’t disturb his group at silent reading time. A kid who is
quite weak academically being spotted on numerous occasions displaying
kindness. A kid being spotted showing open-mindedness because he said he didn’t
mind which game his friends chose at yard-time. A kid (new to the class) being
spotted displaying bravery because she wasn’t afraid to try to make friends and
speak to people. Such clarity, accuracy and emotional intelligence for eight
year olds!


I think that this activity has helped the kids to develop
their emotional intelligence, boost their self-esteem and increase their well-being.
I also feel that they are really paying attention to the power of the character
strengths, and trying to use them and strengthen them. This has a positive
impact on the whole class dynamic. I was delighted to be ‘strength- spotted’
myself a few times! I was spotted displaying kindness, teamwork, zest and
optimism, so I got to feel first- hand the effect of this activity! So simple,
so positive – another example of the power of positive psychology in the

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