What our parents are saying

Thanks to all the parents who have given us their feedback on the programme that their children have attended over the last year. Here is a sample of their comments.

This well-being programme is an excellent addition to the school curriculum..wonderful, colourful and child-centred..essential for all children.

I thought the classes and concepts were wonderful…

This well-being activity book is excellent. The most fun part of homework!

The material was very beneficial..the format and structure is clear.

We have really enjoyed working through this programme…well done on an excellent initiative.

I am so grateful that my child is getting the opportunity to learn how to keep his mental health well.

This is an excellent programme and every child should get the chance to experience it.

A very positive and lovely experience.

The homework was interesting and thought provoking…a very good idea to teach such important life skills.

I am very happy that my child has been taught these skills that she was happy to discuss, share and practise with me at home, and I would welcome and strongly encourage the continuation of this programme.

I was amazed how quickly he grasped the concepts.. it’s a lovely piece of work.

Congratulations on such a positive programme which has had a very positive impact on my child.
Fun and interesting..I also benefitted from it as a parent.

It has always been a pleasure to do it…