We have a selection of videos which we feel will help to give you an understanding of the Weaving Well-Being Programme and how it can be implemented successfully in the classroom. Most of the videos include footage of children in Irish Classrooms talking about their experience of the different strategies taught as part of the programme.

The first video is our Weaving Well-Beng Rap with lyrics that the children can dance and sing along to if they want.

Weaving Well Being Rap from OTB on Vimeo.

The next video is an overview of the overall Weaving Well-Being programme.

In this video the children talk about using one of our Positive Emotions tools "Rainbow Moments" and how it makes them feel.

This video shows how one of our key strategies in the Tools of Resilience programme "Mindfulness" can be used in the classroom and how the children feel about using Mindfulness.

Here the children talk about different "Random Acts of Kindness" they have performed and how it benefits both themselves and the receiver.

This video shows the children's views and understanding of well-being and why it should be taught in the classroom.

Identifying and using your character strengths can enhance well-being. This video shows the children talking about their character strengths and how they can use these strengths in different areas of their lives.

To see a full selection of videos exploring many of the other tools and strategies included on our programme and some more contributions and insights from the authors Fiona and Mick you can go to our publisher's website Outside the Box.